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Caleb Swanigan vs. the NCAA

Star freshman and former homeless kid has not had his eligibility granted by the NCAA.

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

As you all know by now, the NCAA has not yet granted eligibility to five-star recruit Caleb Swanigan. The NCAA, in their infinite wisdom and continued search for justice, is investigating the relationship between Caleb Swanigan and Purdue Alum Roosevelt Barnes.

If you're reading this, you've probably already read all about their relationship. Bleach report just last week covered the circumstances surrounding Barnes adopting Swanigan and taking him out of an awful situation. We're talking real life despair - a life that most of us cannot even imagine. Roosevelt took Swanigan away from a life of druggies and homeless shelters, and provided him with an environment of discipline and love.

I should be clear. Roosevelt Barnes is a sports agent - a contract advisor/partner at Relativity Sports. This is not your ma' and pa' shop of sports agents either. Ever heard of John Wall? How about Marshawn Lynch? Those are just two of Relativity Sports' clients. That's a lot of money to get 4% of. And as someone who professionally attempts to get athletes as much money as possible - deemed the ultimate evil by the NCAA.

Isn't that great? When villains try and make the heroes into villains like them?

Let's be very clear. In the world of making money off of young, amateur 'student'-athletes - the NCAA is the Joker, Lex Luther, Magneto, Doctor Doom, Ra's al Ghul, Loki, Thanos, and Harley Quinn all wrapped into one. It is the most prominent monopoly in America. Their total revenue for 2014? $989 million.

So shame on you, Barnes, for taking a kid from the worst life imaginable for a 6'2" 350 lb kid and providing him the environment to better himself. Shame on you, Barnes, for pushing your alma mater on him because it's a place you know can be trusted to protect and look after someone you never had to love, but chose to out of your sense of duty as a man. Shame on you, Barnes, for knowing the world of athletics and knowing that Caleb's future would be brightest if he played the 4 in college instead of the 5. Shame on you, Barnes for not realizing that kid's are cookie jars not human beings, and that there's only room for one hand to take from them.

And thank you, NCAA, for continuing to protect and have the best interest of heart for all these young kids. Thank you for discerning this problem so early in the process. Thank you for putting this all on an 18 year old kid's shoulders because he's a very large human, and has already shown that he can handle tough situations. Because God knows that Swanigan should be punished(And there is only one person feeling the real brunt of this and that's the freshman who has to worry about a black mark on his name and not playing the sport he used to make something of himself), should have to worry about his eligibility because he wanted a better life, was willing to leave his mother and family to make something of himself - for them.

You disgust me, NCAA. I don't give two flying backward fucks if Barnes makes twenty million dollars off of Caleb. Caleb should be dead, or worse, high on drugs, crashing down in some abandoned building in Utah or who knows where instead of crashing the boards and getting a college education. Left to rot, forgotten by all of society, but he's not because Roosevelt saved him.

So keep it up, NCAA. We're not dumb. We know how stories work. We know who the heroes are and who the villains are.

And just so you know, the good guys always win.

This is what happens without proper representation. Want to help? Give them your email, don't turn your head from this. Everyone thinks this is just business as usual, and that's the problem. This is what the NCAA does, and the student-athletes don't have a say in the matter, they should.