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22 Days to Purdue Basketball: Grant Weatherford

Another incoming freshman reminds us of a certain defensive master from a few years ago.

Today we feature another promising freshman who may or may not play a lot. It all depends on how he finds a role with the Boilers

Grant Weatherford - Fr.

Cicero, IN (Hamilton Heights HS)

6'2", 198 pounds


2015-16 Projection: Contributor at point guard/defensive specialist

Since I have covered high school sports for a long time I get to see quite a few players. Since Hamilton Heights HS is relatively close to Indy and they have long been in the same conference as many of the Kokomo area schools I actually got to see Weatherford several times in both football and basketball. He may not have been highly recruited, but he is definitely a boilermaker-type of player.

Last season I got to see Weatherford once, and he was very impressive on the defensive end of the floor. In all my years of watching HS basketball I have NEVER seen a player notch double figures in steals in a game. That's what Weatherford did in this game, as he had 10 steals and 14 points. Just 27 seconds into the game he picked a player's pocket and went coast-to-coast for a dunk.

Also, as a former football player, he brings a toughness to the floor that is needed. For Heights he started as a receiver and punt returner, but eventually plays some quarterback and defensive back. Does that sound familiar?

Weatherford is a bulldog on the floor. He has played with Ryan Cline and Caleb Swanigan before so he will mesh well with the other incoming freshmen. I think we're going to like him.