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Purdue Football Coaching Changes: Still No Changes

John Shoop and Co. are still employed by Purdue.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

When apathy sets in it takes forever to root out. Clearly, apathy has set in when it comes to Purdue football. The administration does not care that Darrell Hazell is 5-26 after 31 games. The coaching staff has not given any indication that there is a problem aside from the standard boilerplate of "We have some things we need to work on and we need to execute better." The players played very hard on Saturday, but unfortunately, that can only do so much when it is clear that they are not being put in a position to succeed.

As a result, the fans don't care.

Sure, there is outcry here, but for years now fans have voted with their wallets. There might be a decent crowd at the next game against Nebraska, but that is because Nebraska fans would see them play on Ganymede. Morgan Burke will get to fill the coffers a little from the money given by the red hordes to the west and use it as proof that interest is still there, but the following week a mostly empty stadium against Illinois will speak volumes. By the time Indiana comes in late November we might have to go with a silent count because we're outnumbered by visiting fans in our own stadium.

We can see that no one cares because there has been no announcement of a coaching shake up today and no large fan outcry for one. The game plan by John Shoop yesterday was absolutely shameful, and even the Lafayette Journal & Courier took them to task:

From an offensive standpoint, coach Darrell Hazell and coordinator John Shoop didn't give the Boilermakers a real chance to compete against the Badgers' solid defense and the 24-7 loss reflects the progress quarterback David Blough hasn't made after four starts.

So yes, it was plainly obvious to most people that the coaching staff was playing to keep it close and not to win, despite 25 losses before this game. Yet John Shoop will still be employed Monday morning. There has been no coaching change, nor a hint of a coaching change.

26 days to basketball season.