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2015 Big Ten Basketball Media Day: Coach Painter Speaks

Coach Matt Painter addresses the masses as we continue looking forward to basketball.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Painter went third today at Big Ten Basketball Media Day in Chicago. Let us begin with a reverent hush as he addresses the masses:

Here is the rest of what he had to say:

I cannot help but get excited if Vince Edwards is the most improved player. He was already pretty good. Now he can be the Swiss Army knife guy that can shoot, slash, defend, distribute, and possibly be a Red Button that we have sorely missed since E'Twaun graduated.

Oh, and because of young Mr. Swanigan, Vince can play at the three and just destroy guys offensively. Imagine him like a mini-Robbie Hummel, only we have the luxury of playing him at the three.