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Purdue Football Coaching Changes: Program Denies Changes

Despite the fact there are no changes, that didn't mean there was was no smoke about there being changes.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend and this morning there were rumors that something was happening with Purdue football in terms of staff changes. Instead, like most of Purdue's drives this past Saturday on offense, there was no movement before those rumors even got started:

First off, why is an on campus apparel shop making announcements such as this? Much of the speculation cam from the quiet @BoilerFootball Twitter account, which has had one tweet talking about an avatar change since announcing the final score on Saturday.

Second, if they were making an announcement about this they must have heard the rumors and it close enough to give them a dose of truth.


I can tell you how this will end. Purdue will win two games the rest of the season at most, and it seems more likely they will go 1-11 at this point. Darrell Hazell will be given a fourth year because his buyout is so high, but under the caveat that he fires John Shoop and Greg Hudson as his coordinators. Both are band-aids on a much larger problem. Maybe Hazell has a much better 2016 season with a lighter opening slate and experienced roster. Maybe he doesn't have a prayer.

32 days until basketball season, everyone.