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Purdue Volleyball Leads The Big Ten At 6-0!

We are a volleyball school.

If we could clone Dave Shondell and make him the coach of every Purdue sports team, I would. Shondell has the women's volleyball team off to a 15-2 start on the year with losses to national contender BYU and a five set loss to Miami. more importantly, Purdue is a spotless 6-0 in the nation's toughest volleyball conference and all alone in first place.

Okay, let's take a breather there for a moment. This week Purdue swept Indiana in six sets home and away to keep the Monon Spike where it belongs. That is two of their six wins. Two more wins have come against Maryland and Rutgers, who area combined 0-10 in Big Ten play. 6-0 is 6-0, however, and a win over 3-14 Rutgers counts the same in the standings as win over 15-1 and defending national champ Penn State.

So, yes, let's celebrate Purdue volleyball, mostly because football is a flaming garbage pile right now. The Boilers go to No. 9 Ohio State (15-2, 4-1) and No. 3 Penn State (15-1, 4-1) next weekend. If they come out of next weekend undefeated in B1G play you can talk about a Big Ten title because then they will be the favorite.