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Tom Crean Clapping At Things

Et tu, Crimson Quarry.

Tom Crean, Dwight Schrute, or Tom Arnold? You decide.
Tom Crean, Dwight Schrute, or Tom Arnold? You decide.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today shots were fired, as our friends at Crimson Quarry posted an entry of Matt Painter pointing at things. Well, we too have access to Getty Images and hundreds (shudder) of pictures of Tom Crean. Matt Painter might Painter might be a pointer, but Crean is definitely a clapper.

Tom can Clap with a smirk:

He can clap with INTENSITY!

He can clap sarcastically:

But he is not as good as Jim Boeheim's zone clapping:

Even in clapping, those nets are coming down:

Because Tom can clap behind his back!

Tom knows who is the best at clapping: HIM!

There is only one thing that can make Tom stop clapping and turn to things more serious:

It is a passion that yearns deep inside Tom's loins:

It's the love of a player from Northwest Ohio with a silky smooth jumper. A love that is unrequited since the young coach of Clinton Prairie HS recently got engaged:

Tom misses you, Ryne. You had better sit this one out tonight.