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10 Things I Hate About (I)U

A list of 10 things I hate about IU

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There's absolutely no reason for me to say anything good about IU right now, or ever really, since Purdue plays them on Wednesday. Below are 10 of the numerous reasons I hate IU.

  1. Those damn candy striped pants. They just look ridiculous. They look like clowns wearing them. Their fans take such pride in them that it just drives me nuts. I honestly don't fully understand it. My hatred perhaps doesn't make sense but there it is.
  2. Bobby Knight was a terrible human being. I will stand for no arguing on this point. Sure he graduated players but the good stops there. He also hit people, choked people, yelled at people for no good reason, and then there's that whole situation with a cop in Puerto Rico. Oh, and you might have heard something about him throwing a chair during a basketball game. He may have been a good coach but, in my opinion, he was a terrible human being.
  3. BANNERS! I don't really need to say more than that but I will anyway. They have arrogant and entitled fans who think they deserve a national title. Most of their fans can't name a single player on their previous championship teams. Those same fans will be glad to point out the number of banners they have though.
  4. This guy. If I were trying to be a jerk, which I am, I might point out that there is one girl in that picture. One.
  5. I hate the fact that they don't have a mascot. They've tried numerous things over the years including some sort of prospector/cowboy/outlaw type person. If you go to Bed Bath and Beyond you can find Purdue Pete items for sale. If you look for IU items you see some sort of dog creature. No idea what's going on there.
  6. Reversible jacket fans. Oh sure you like a historically successful IU basketball team but you also like the historically good Notre Dame football team. You're from the state of Indiana so why not just pick and choose the teams? Are you also a Patriots and Lakers fan? Do you root for the Yankees also? Grow a pair and be a real fan.
  7. They fired Mike Davis because he wasn't Bob Knight. There are of course other less official reasons that he was fired with most of those being just rumors. I like to believe the worst in IU fans so I'll stick with that explanation.
  8. Kelvin Sampson. Again, not much more info is needed here. The IU team was down on their luck so they sold their soul to a known cheater. They hired him even though they knew he broke the rules previously. They didn't think that perhaps some extra scrutiny of his actions would be a good thing. We all know he cheated again. Shock of shocks.
  9. Their rowdy, and disgraceful fans. There have been multiple games where the IU coach actually had to grab a microphone and tell their fans to be respectful. There have been instances of racist chants going after African-American players as well as Asian players. That sort of thing just has no place in the game.
  10. Tom Crean and everything about him. From the creepy pants that he can't seem to wear properly to him thinking about me very very much. The outrageous celebrations, the blow by handshakes, and the all around weasel attitude drives me nuts. Also, and this one is petty, but on Twitter he always says alot (sic) rather than a lot. I don't know why that gets me given my issues with grammar and spelling but it just does.