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Purdue Football Recruiting: Domonique Young Commits

Purdue adds a second JuCo wide receiver.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Other than Danny Anthrop, Purdue's receivers were a major disappointment in 2014. It looks like coach Hazell is going for a major boot in the rear end of juniors-to-be DeAngelo Yancey and Cameron Posey, who had good freshman seasons followed by disappointing sophomore seasons. Coach Hazell already added Anthony Mahoungou as an early enrollee as a JuCo commit, but today he added Domonique Young as a second big JuCo receiver.

Young is a 6'4" 200 pound receiver from Cerritos College in California. This past season he had a very good year with 53receptions for 939 yards and nine TDs. That would have made him Purdue's top receiver in 2014 by a wide, wide margin, as even Anthrop, who missed the last 2.5 games, had 38 receptions for 616 yards and four TDs.

He originally played at Long Beach Jordan HS where he played mostly defense, so his receiving skills came to the fore in junior college. Here is his official profile at Cerritos. Also, here is the link to his Hudl videos.

Both Rivals and ESPN haven't rated him yet, but ESPN has his rating numbers from two years ago when he was scouted as a safety. He has good speed and good leaping ability, so those are major pluses.

Of course, this doesn't matter unless he can get separation from defensive backs. That was the biggest problems all of Purdue's receivers had all year. If Mahoungou and Young want to play that will be the top way they can separate themselves.