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Penn State Basketball: Turning People Away

A funny thing happened to Penn State basketball.

At least he could buy a ticket today.
At least he could buy a ticket today.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a very interesting weekend for Penn State athletics. Friday saw their deal with the NCAA concerning Joe Paterno's win totals which... nope. Not touching that hot button issue.

On top of that, you had the following:

The Bryce Jordan Center seats 15,261 people. Today's announced attendance was 8,949 people. That means there were 6,312 empty seats. Today was their Team Ream day to raise money for cancer research. While only tickets purchased through said site had a portion go to charity, apparently they were still turning fans, and cash, away at the gate with thousands of empty seats. Undoubtedly, on a big event like this Team Ream there were still opportunity to toss a couple of shillings into the coffers simply by walking around the concourse, but several people were denied the chance for reasons unknown.

Great job, Penn State!

UPDATE: Ben Jones, the excellent Penn State beat writer out there, had this:

Translation: "We built a huge arena that never uses the upper deck and we're too lazy to remove the curtains in the remote possibility that those seats might be needed."