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College Football Playoff Championship Game: How To Watch

There isn't much of a Purdue interest tonight, but we're still going to watch.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we have the College Football playoff, something that Purdue, with consecutive dead last place finishes in the Big Ten, is about as far as it can get from it. If it were a 64 team playoff Purdue probably wouldn't be invited.

That doesn't mean we can't watch tonight and use this as a pseudo-Open Thread while dreaming that Darrell Hazell is slowly turning us into the new Ohio State since he was a long-time assistant there. The game is live tonight at 8:30pm on ESPN and can be watched from virtually every camera angle possible through WatchESPN.

Why to cheer for Ohio State:

  • Because they are in the Big Ten and we're supposed to have solidarity
  • Because of the connections for head coach Hazell and assistant coach Marcus Freeman, who is making some good linebackers for us.
  • Because they have won 24 straight Big Ten regular season games, but one of their last conference losses was to Purdue.
  • Because they thoroughly avenged Purdue Harbor last year.
  • Because we want to get Braxton Miller to transfer and be immediately eligible as a graduate when he gets to Purdue.

Why to cheer for Oregon:

  • Because we played the Ducks in 2008 and 2009 and the games were ridiculously fun, going two overtimes in Ross-Ade and losing by two on a missed late deuce at Autzen. Their fans were really nice too.
  • Because they have never won a title before and at one time they were worse than us, so there is hope.
  • Because they are not Ohio State, who is almost universally loathed by the rest of the B1G.
  • Because if you don't like their uniforms they will change.
  • Because Marcus Mariota would have been great in The Cradle.

T-Mill's Pick: Oregon 42, Ohio State 41