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Boilers In The NFL: A Boiler Will Win The Super Bowl

For the 16th straight season a Purdue player will play in the Super Bowl.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the Colts upsetting the Broncos today in Denver it guaranteed a few things when it comes to Purdue football. According to the official Purdue football Twitter, this will be hte16th straight year that at least one former Purdue player will play in the Super Bowl. Actually, that was clinched earlier in the day when the Packers won to set up a game against the Seahawks. The Indy upset means that at least one Purdue player will get a Super Bowl ring this season.

New England Patriots - Rob Ninkovich - Ninkovich had six tackles and added a QB hit, but did not have a sack as one of the top players on the Pats' offensive line. Rob has played in the Super Bowl with New England before, but has not been a member of one of their winning teams.

Greg Orton - Orton has been on injured reserve for New England all season. He has never played in an NFL game, but was a member of the Broncos practice squad for several years including last year.

Seattle Seahawks - Cliff Avril - Avril had only two tackles, but one was an eight yard sack of Cam Newton. It was one of two quarterback hits that he had. In the loss Kawann Short also had a good game with four tackles for Carolina. Avril and the rest of the Seahawks are going for a second straight title.

Green Bay Packers - Mike Neal - Neal had four tackles and was in on part of a sack of Tony Romo as Green bay controversially won over Dallas. Anthony Spencer added a tackle in the loss for Dallas. Neal won a ring with the Packers a few years ago when he was injured.

Bruce Gaston - Gaston was not active today, but was a late season signee for the Packers after bouncing around and spending some time on the Arizona practice squad. He is a rookie, so it would be his first Super Bowl.

Indianapolis Colts - Shaun Phillips - Phillips signed late with the Colts this year, but today he was in on several plays as a reserve and hassled his former team quite a bit. He only had one QB hit, but late in the game he helped make it a struggle for Manning. Phillips has also played in a Super Bowl, last year for Denver.