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z2015 Purdue Football Season(Archived)

Featured Fanshot

Purdue Football Master Plan

So, I'm just gonna leave this here for you to peruse. To be honest, I'm having a lot of feelings right now, and none of them are remotely acceptable to broadcast to the mass public. I'll just say, here's what 60$ million dollars can get you, and with news that over 12 million has been donated for this project by five football alumns already, the future is coming fast.

New York Times vs. H&R

NY Times writer Joe Nocera claims Offensive Coordinator Shoop was fired for his stance on player's rights, not what happened on the field, and we're having a hard time digesting such claims.

2015 Purdue Football MVP: Markell Jones

The true freshman exceeded already high expectations in his first year on the field.

John Shoop, Greg Hudson, and Rubin Carter Fired

You can give thanks to Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Cthulu, or your deity of choice.

Indiana at Purdue: In Tweets

Yeah, we're pissed off too.

Indiana 54, Purdue 36: Burke’s Fabled Progress

The Bucket is ensconced in Bloomington for a third straight year, which hasn't happened since Truman was President.

Purdue Embarrassed by IU 54-36

Purdue embarrasses themselves and their fans with terribly undisciplined performance.

Indiana at Purdue: GameThread and How to Watch

Please, just get the Bucket back.

Purdue vs. IU Bucket Picks

Will anyone dare pick the Boilermakers?

Interviews with the Enemy: Crimson Quarry

For the final week of the season Ben Raphel stops by to talk about the Bucket.

Indiana at Purdue: Old Oaken Bucket Game Preview

John Shoop and Adolf Hitler could soon be the two most recent men most responsible for three straight Bucket game wins by Indiana.

Pre-IU Quote Fest

Hazell stepped up to the microphone for the last time prior to a game.

Austin Appleby to Start vs. Indiana

The redshirt junior returns to the starting role with David Blough injured.

Your 2015 Purdue Football Seniors

We are preparing to say goodbye to 15 seniors on Saturday.

Indiana at Purdue: Depth Charts

Not too many changes as we go into the final week of the season.

This stream has:

Old Oaken Bucket Game Day Central

IU is poised to win the Bucket for the 3rd year in a row.

Indiana at Purdue Game Day Vitals

IU is poised to win the Bucket for the 3rd year in a row.

Purdue at Iowa: In Tweets

Purdue falls again on the road, but we Tweeted about it.

Purdue vs. Iowa- In Tweets!

Let's take a look at some of your finest quips shall we?

Purdue Football Loses Again! Iowa 40, Purdue 20

Purdue actually made it interesting for a little bit.

Purdue at Iowa: GameThread and How to Watch

Time for your contractually obligated football Open Thread.

Purdue vs. Iowa OMHR Predictions

Remember, the conference says we hate these guys!

Interviews with the Enemy: A Q&A with BHGP


Purdue at Iowa Preview

Our Most Hated Rival gets a turn to host as they view Purdue as a speedbump toward a championship.

Featured Fanshot

Talk to your Kids about Undefeated Iowa

This video is a few weeks old now, but with it being OMHR week, we figured we should re-share it. Please, talk to your kids about undefeated Iowa, before it's too late.

Darell Hazell Steps to the Mic Pre-Iowa

More hot takes!

Purdue at Iowa: Depth Charts

Purdue has a new No. 1 running back this week.

Purdue at #5 Iowa (OMHR) Game Day Information

Purdue travels to OMHR's home it will be bad.

This stream has:

Purdue (2-8, 1-5) at Iowa (10-0, 6-0) Game Center


Purdue at Northwestern: In Tweets

We were there on the road and it was just as bad as at home.

Northwestern 21, Purdue 14: Shoop's Indictment

Let's keep finger pointing.

Purdue 14, Northwestern 21 - Fooled Again

Despite playing better than Northwestern for much of the game, Purdue again settles for a moral victory.


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