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Post-Iowa Sunday Stats Dump

The numbers back up why Purdue is the worst in the Big Ten.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a bad, bad day for the offense. They were handed a 10-0 lead thanks to a great play by Frankie Williams and proceeded to gain four first downs after taking said lead. As a result, Purdue is not matching up well with the rest of the Big Ten statistically.

  • Even with the bad day Purdue is still 10th in the league in scoring offense at 23.8 points per game. This is better than Northwestern, Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan, who's dead last.
  • The defense had a great day until becoming completely exhausted by the end of the day. It still ranks 12th in scoring defense, but the No. 14 scoring defense, giving up 35 points per game, comes next. Something has to give.
  • As expected, Purdue now ranks dead last in the Big Ten in total offense at 312 yards per game. This is 31 yards behind Minnesota for 13th. Purdue is ranking 116th out of 124 teams at the FBS level now, tied with Iowa State (who just beat Iowa) and ahead of only Texas-San Antonio, Central Michigan (who beat Purdue by 21), Central Florida, South Florida, Florida International, Connecticut, and Vanderbilt.
  • The passing offense inexplicably is still better than Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in the Big Ten. Of course, at least Minnesota and Wisconsin are great rushing teams.
  • Purdue is last in the conference on passing efficiency, with the only team rating under 100.
  • Purdue is second in the conference behind Nebraska in punt net average, so huzzah!
  • Purdue's 13 sacks as a team is good enough for third in the Big Ten behind Rutgers (21) and Michigan State (15).
  • On the other hand, Purdue quarterbacks have been sacked 12 times, with only Illinois and Penn State doing worse at protecting the QB.
  • Despite the sacks, Purdue is the worst team in the conference defensively on third downs, as opponents have converted 45.7% of them (37of 81)
  • We kick ass at stopping fourth downs, however, as we lead the Big Ten by giving up just 14.3% (1 of 7). That's the best in the Big Ten.
  • Purdue has benefited the least on opponent penalties by far of any team in the conference. Opponents only commit an average of 28.4 yards of penalties against Purdue. Everyone else gets at least 40 yards per game.
  • Saturday's game with Illinois features the two teams that have had the ball the least in the Big Ten. Purdue averages having the ball only 28:28 per game, while Illinois averages 24:43. Something's got to give!
  • With an average of 35,370 fans per game Purdue's attendance is the worst in the league.


  • Purdue does not have a single offensive player in the top 10 of any category offensively.
  • Frankie Williams is the second best punt returner in the Big Ten at 19.3 yards per return.
  • Raheem Mostert is third in the league in kickoff return average. Unfortunately teams are doing a great job of kicking away from him.
  • Landon Feichter is seventh in the league in tackles with 44.
  • Sean Robinson is 15th in tackles with 37.
  • Ryan Watson is third in the league with four sacks behind Randy Gregory and Komoko Turay.

So that's it. Possibly Purdue's best chance at a Big Ten win is this week at Illinois and the Boilers really need to take advantage. The Iowa game was clearly a missed opportunity, and there won't be many more.