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So, how did they do (Vol 2)?

Checking in on future Boilermakers destroying the competition on Friday nights.

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After a long Labor Day weekend, TheLegendofShawnMcCarthy hits the Internet to check up on Purdue's 2015 recruits.

Marcus Bailey (OLB) - Marcus and his Hilliard Davidson team lost 6-0 to Grove City. Bailey held up his end of the bargain on defense, recording 10 solo tackles for the Wildcats. While Bailey got things done on defense, he couldn't help Davidson's moribund offense; recording 5 carries for 13 yards.

Andy Chelf (DB) - Andy and the Southlake Carroll Dragons staved off an opening game upset with a hard fought 17-14 victory over Austin Westlake. I'm still waiting for someone to post the defensive stats for the game. On another note, Chelf picked up an offer from Ole Miss recently.

Wyatt Cook (MLB) - McDonough High School did what McDonough High School does on Friday night. Namely, they beat down another opponent. This time they administered a 37-14 beating to Benedictine. I'm still looking for defensive stats, but Cook anchors a solid McDonough defense from the MLB position.

Sawyer Dawson (OLB): Dawson's Plant City team was slated to play Friday night, but Mother Nature had other plans. After a lengthy lightning delay at the start of the game, and then again at half time, school administrators decided to void the game.

Robert Ennis (RB/DB): Ennis's Millville team plays their first game on September 4th, which is weird, but it's in New Jersey, and I think New Jersey is weird.

Tario Fuller (RB): Fuller has to wait another week to come back after a lack luster opener.

Markell Jones (RB/Machine): Columbus East put the saddle on Jones and rode him for 295 yards and 4 touchdowns on 27 carries, as Columbus East destroyed Columbus North 42-14. Jones continues to demolish every tackler placed in his path and will be in the running for Mr. Football in Indiana. If he stays on this pace, the recruiting services will have a hard time denying him his 4th star. I just worry about the beating he takes from game to game. I've always been of the mind that RB's have a certain number of hits they can take over a career. I just hope Jones isn't burning through his allotment in blow out high school games.

Ben Makowski (LS/Superhero): Makowski's Pen High School Kingsmen (the most awesome mascot of any team in high school football other than the Cavemen) . As is the nature of snapping, Makowski's contribution is not mentioned in the box score. Ben Makowski is not the snapper the world deserves. He is the snapper the world needs.

Matt McCann (OT): Sooooooo, Bishop Chatard beat Broad Ripple. They didn't just beat them, because beat is not strong enough of a word for the 75-0 result. I'm not sure if a word in the English language is sufficient enough to describe that sort of beating. I'm going to try out a new word, humilistroyed. Matt McCann found a Broad Ripple defensive lineman lodged in his bellybutton Sunday morning.

Joe "The Show" Schopper(P): Shoppers Cathedral team fell to Warren Central 20-17. I can't find the stats to the game, but I can only imagine that Shopper kicked the ball into the stratosphere once again.

Elijah Sindelar(QB): I have searched the interweb near and far for a free look at the Caldwell County box score. I can tell you that Sindelar's team won 62- 27 and that Sindelar probably threw for a bunch of yards. I can confirm that he did throw for 5 TDs. Start the below clip at the 2:50 mark to see Sindelar throw the ball.

Peyton Truitt(OL): Truitt's West Lafeyette team suffered the bitter sting of defeat on Friday night; losing 37-45 to McCutcheon. While Truitt isn't specifically mentioned in the box score, I'm going to go ahead and assume that he made room for his players to run, while preventing the other teams players from running towards his quarterback, and did so in a manner befitting of a sportsman.

Ike Warren(DB): Warren's John Tyler team opened the season with a 30-12 victory over Plano.  I can't find the defensive stats for the game, but we're going to assume Warren did Ok because Plano threw for 112 yards with 1td and 1int (not Warren's).

Richard Worship (RB/Beast): Worship's Vally Forge team were defeated by North Olmsted last Friday 48 - 23. Worship put in his normal beastly performance with 93 yards and a TD on 14 carries. Worship's carries were limited because North Olmsted controlled the game from the start, leading 34-10 at half time. In fact, Worship was the only thing North Olmsted did not control on Friday.

Basketball Recruit:

Grant Weatherford: Grant's Hamilton Heights team fell to Noblesville 0-34 Friday night, and Grant's stats look a little more like a point guard and a little less like our best football recruit this week. Weatherford was 3-7 for 73 yards passing and only accrued 2 yards on 10 carries and lost a fumble. He was a little better on defense, recording 8 tackles. On special teams he had 1 kick return for 23 yards and 1 punt return for 10 yards. I'm going to assume that Grant spent a little time in the ice tub after the game.