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Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 2

Purdue moves up two spots because this is a Purdue blog and why not?

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Week 1 saw a little bit of a shake-up in the Power Rankings. Since almost everyone played weak teams in glorified scrimmages it is almost a ranking based on how badly (or not) a team beat up its opponent. Only Northwestern and Wisconsin lost, but given their opponents it is not enough to send them all the way to the bottom.

1. Michigan State - Last week: 1 - The Champs did nothing to make me think they are going anywhere soon. Now they get to cross the country and play at Oregon, where a victory puts them in the driver's seat not just for the Big Ten, but a playoff spot.

2. Nebraska - Last Week: 4 - Ammer Abdullah is really, really good and might break the NCAA rushing record for a single game when Purdue visits. Expect another big game against McNeese State this week.

3. Michigan - Last Week: 6 - The Wolverines did exact revenge, but all I care about is them beating Notre Dame this week. Do that, and maybe people will quiet down some about Brady Hoke.

4. Ohio State - Last Week: 3 - Things were a touch shaky in week 1 against Navy, but that is what the triple option should do. Even without Braxton Miller there is so much assembled talent this should be a 10-win team.

5. Wisconsin - Last Week: 2 - They basically pulled a Purdue under Danny Hope. They built an early lead, but did nothing after that. It was a pretty epic collapse in a game the Badgers should have won.

6. Minnesota - Last Week: 7 - The Gophers were pretty impressive Thursday night. Only some hiccups at the end prevented a 42-0 shutout of a good FCS team, and we know how Minnesota struggles with the FCS.

7. Maryland - Last Week: 8 - Again, it is hard to tell how good the Terps really are, but they did their jobs in a blowout of James Madison.

8. Penn State - Last Week: 10 - Sam Ficken has moved from "unreliable at best" to "Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week. Beating a team that won a BCS bowl last season is a good start to the year.

9. Rutgers - Last Week: 12 - Going east coast to west coast and vice versa is not easy, especially if it becomes a midweek game. The Scarlet Knights survived a late night shootout and proved they won't be as weak as some think.

10. Indiana - Last Week: 9 - Tevin Coleman is really, really good, but there has to be some concern after Indiana hung 70+ on the Trees last season and didn't even reach 30 here.

11. Iowa - Last Week: 5 - At least Iowa fared better than Iowa State against their FCS opponent. North Dakota State waxed Iowa State. The Hawkeyes just needed a defensive stand or two.

12. Purdue - Last Week: 14 - Eh, why not? We actually beat an FBS team and did not lost to a 1-11 team or struggle until late in the game against a mediocre FCS team.

13. Northwestern- Last Week: 11 - Cal surprised the Wildcats, who just did not look good against a team they dominated a season ago. Northwestern could be in some real danger this week against Northern Illinois.

14. Illinois - Last Week: 13 - Welcome back to the bottom, Illini. At least they don't have to fire Tim Beckman into the sun, which is what probably would have happened had they not come back against Youngstown State.