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Purdue Football Recruiting: So, how did they do?

Catching up with the Boilermaker verbal commits after another week of high school football.

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ThelegendofShawnMcCarthy returns with his weekly recruit update. He is now only referring to himself in the third person because he's kind of a big deal these days. Saturday saw a game Purdue team fall to a more talented Notre Dame team. Let's take a look at players that are going to swing the talent pendulum back in Purdue's favor, and compare them with past or current Boilermakers.

Markus Bailey (LB): Bailey basically took the night off as his Hilliard Davidson team beat Canada's Sir John McDonald 55-0. Bailey watched most of the game, which Hilliard turned into a J.V. scrimmage. Bailey was seen on the sidelines cheering on his teammates and chewing gum. Davidson gave up 3 total yards for the game. I'm going to say that Bailey reminds me a little of a skinny Anthony Heygood.

Tyshawn Brown (WR): Tyshawn's Mays team had the week off. Let's hope Brown used the time to get healthy (or he fixes whatever it is that's keeping him from catching the ball so far this year) and gets his season moving in the right direction. Brown reminds me Ish Aristide.

Andy Chelf (DB): Andy's Southlake team, fresh off their exciting overtime victory last week, made things a little less interesting in their 56-6 destruction of Midland Lee. Chelf added 6 tackles and the Southlake secondary only allowed 21 passing yards. Chelf reminds me of a faster version of Landon Feitchter.

Wyatt Cook(LB): Wyatt's McDonogh Eagles returned to their winning ways in a 28-14 victory on the road over Cincinnati Elder. Cook was all over the field on Friday night, registering 11 tackles and 3 sacks as the leader of the McDonogh defense. Cook reminds me of a more polished Joe Odom.

Sawyer Dawson(LB): Dawson is going to be well rested when he makes it to Purdue because it seems like his Plant team never actually plays. They didn't play again on Friday, but have a game scheduled for next Friday, let's hope the weather cooperates. Dawson reminds me of a skinny Chris Carlino.

Robert Ennis(RB): Robert did his best Markell Jones impersonation in Millville's 39-24 win over Mainland. Ennis ran for an absurd 315 yards and four touchdowns. His shortest touchdown run was from 30 yards out, and the other three touchdowns were all from 50 yards or more. I think Ennis is currently underrated, but I don't think he will stay that way for long. Ennis reminds me of a more explosive Akeem Hunt.

Tario Fuller (RB): Fuller and his Lanier High School team continue to impress in their 27-12 victory over traditional power Flowery Branch. Fuller put in a workmanlike performance, gaining 129 yards on 24 carries and putting up a touchdown. It wasn't an Ennis or Jones like performance, but Fuller is going up against tougher competition week in and week out. Fuller reminds me of a shorter Jerod Void.

(highlights of the game, Fuller is #8 for the burnt orange)

Markell Jones (RB): The freak show that is Markell Jones rolled up another 255 yards and 5 touchdowns in the first half of Columbus East's 70-7 win over Jennings County. (As a side note, I'm not completely familiar with Indiana High School football. Can anyone explain how Jones has yet to play a team that has even considered tackling him). If you're keeping track at home, Jones has cracked the 1000 yard mark and has put up 15 touchdowns 4 games into the season. He is Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl right now. Jones reminds me of a faster Brandon Jones.

Ben Makowski (Snapper/Renaissance Man): Ben led his Penn team to a 37-17 victory over Ft. Wayne Snider. It is rumored the Ft. Wayne Snider considered forfeiting the game after watch Makowski warm up. It would have probably been a good idea, because once the game began, and Ben started snapping, it was all over. When Ben snaps the ball he brings beauty into a somewhat dark and foreboding world . Ben reminds me of Michelangelo (the painter/sculptor not the turtle) except his medium is snapping.

This article doesn't mention Ben. That's good news for a snapper.

Matt McCann(OT): McCann's Bishop Chatard team fell to Cathedral 20-28. As I have previously mentioned, offensive linemen don't have stats, so it's kind of hard to say anything about their performance. I'm going to wager the McCann was large and pushed some Cathedral players around. McCann reminds me of Jason Kachinko, except with healthy hamstrings.

Joe "The Show" Schopper (P): Joe led his Cathedral team to victory over Bishop Chatard 28-20. Chatard was so afraid of Schopper's punting that they only forced 3 punts the entire game, and each punt of Schopper's foot was long, strong, and had great potential to get the friction on. Joe was not allowed to warm up after a warm up punt last week sparked a weather incident that forced the game to be postponed. Joe reminds me of Thomas Meadows, and that's not bad.

Elijah Sindelar(QB): Sindelar decimated yet another secondary last Friday night in Caldwell County's 50-20 win over Trigg County. Accuracy was the name of the game for Sindelar as he complete 14-17 passes for 312 yards and three touchdowns. Sindelar is still on pace to set the all time passing yardage record in Kentucky high school history. Sindelar reminds me of Kyle Orton minus the neck beard and bottle of Jack.

Peyton Truitt (OT): Truitt's West Lafayette team defeated Benton Central 72-28, with West Lafayette putting up 42 points (how is this possible) in the first quarter. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Truitt smashed a few Benton Central kids into the ground, got up, walked to the sideline, ate a cheeseburger and smiled. Truitt is a big dude, and should be able to shake his 2* rating by the end of the season. Truitt reminds me of Jordan Grimes, except cleaner and with red hair.

Ike Warren (DB): Warren's top ranked 5A John Tyler (Texas) team lost to winless Robert E Lee High School 31-37, in a major upset. Warren recorded 7 tackles from his CB position but broke his hand (not sure which one) in the process. It looks like Ike will be playing in a cast for a few weeks. The two sport star is a must hold on to for the Boilermakers. Ike, if you're reading this, hang up the phone on Texas, you don't want any part of that train wreck. I would avoid Ike's twitter account at the moment, as it is covered in burnt orange. Ike reminds me of fellow Texan Jacques Reeves, except Ike is going to stay eligible.

Richard Worship: Worship's Valley Forge team fell to 0-3 on the season with a 47-19 loss to Holy Name. While his total numbers are proving elusive at the moment, Worship had a big first quarter with touchdown runs of 84 and 21 yards, but Holy Name was able to contain him for the remaining three quarters. Worship has nice top end speed for a big back, which may keep him from being pigeon holed into a short yardage back. Worship reminds me of a faster Jared Crank.

Basketball Recruit:

Grant Weatherford: Weatherford's Hamilton Heights team fell to Cass 14-26. Per usual, Weatherford's name is all over the box score. Grant was 0-3 with an interception. He had 4 rushes for 99 yards (including one 98 yard run) and a TD. He had 4 receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown. Grant had 3 kickoff returns for 42 yards and 2 punt returns for 19 yards (pausing to catch my breath). He also contributed 7 solo and 7 assisted tackle for 14 total tackles. Grant Weatherford reminds me of Chris Kramer.

Here is Weatherford wearing a Dominque Wilkins jersey and dunking on some poor kid