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Southern Illinois at Purdue: Depth Chart

A look at the moves up and down the depth chart before Purdue's final non-conference game.

Michael Hickey

Sorry I forgot to do this last week, but it was also in flux because of the quarterback situation. Here is your depth chart for this week:


QB: 1. Danny Etling 2. Austin Appleby

RB: 1. Raheem Mostert 2. Akeem Hunt

WR: 1. DeAngelo Yancey 2. Gregory Phillips

WR: 1. Danny Anthrop OR B.J. Knauf

WR: 1. Cameron Posey 2. Trae Hart OR Dan Moteroso

LT: 1. Cameron Cermin 2. David Hedelin

LG: 1. Jason King 2. Jason Tretter

C: 1. Robert Kugler 2. Kirk Barron

RG: 1. Jordan Roos 2. Corey Clements

RT: 1. J.J. Prince 2. Joey Warburg

TE: 1. Gabe Holmes 2. Justin Sinz


DT: 1. Jake Replogle 2. Michael Rouse III

NG: 1. Ra'Zahn Howard 2. Ryan Watson

DE: 1. Ryan Russell 2. Evan Panfil

RE: 1. Jalani Phillips 2. Gelen Robinson

Will: 1. Ja'Whaun Bentley 2. Danny Ezechukwu

Mike: 1. Sean Robinson 2. Joe Gilliam

Sam: 1. Jimmy Herman 2. Andy James Garcia

CB: 1. Anthony Brown 2. Leroy Clark

SS: 1. Frankie Williams 2. Taylor Richards

FS: 1. Landon Feichter 2. Austin Logan

CB: 1. Antoine Lewis 2. Da'Wan Hunte


  • Gelen Robinson is the solid No. 2 rush end and got his first career sack (hopefully of many) against Notre Dame.
  • Anthony Brown had 1.5 sacks of Everett Golson, but was also picked on in the secondary.
  • Danny Ezechukwu has shifted from rush end back to outside linebacker.
  • David Hedelin, coming off of suspension, is listed for the first time, but is listed as backing up Cameron Cermin at left tackle. Expect this to flip over time.
  • Ja'Whaun Bentley was very active with nine tackles vs. ND.
  • Jalani Phillips is staying in front of Robinson, mostly because Phillips played well despite being shaken up a few times.
  • True freshmen that are playing: Bentley, G. Robinson, Hart, Phillips, and D.J. Knox (special teams). Kirk Barron is listed as the backup center but to my knowledge Kugler has handled all snaps so far. If the SIU game becomes a blowout that could change. Clements and Hedelin are also first-year players as JuCo transfers.