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2014 Shamrock Series: Purdue vs. Notre Dame OPENTHREAD

Yes, there will be drinking. Lots and lots of drinking.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You're looking LIVE at T-Mill's living room, where I will be watching tonight's game with Mrs. T-Mill and my son, who will likely be in bed before halftime. Why am I not at Lucas Oil Stadium, might you ask? Well, it is simple:

1. The bridges to get credentialed by Notre Dame have been burned. In fact, they were likely napalmed four years ago.

2. Tickets were ridiculously expensive. I am not paying over $100 per ticket for three tickets, especially when I would likely have a sleeping toddler in my lap.

3. My fridge has free beer, while it's likely $8 a pop at Lucas Oil. That beer will likely be needed.

So grab a seat and turn the game on. We kick off at 7:30 and we're either going to see a blowout and NBC fawning over the greatness of Notre Dame or the first major victory of the Darrell Hazell era.

Either way, there will be beer.