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Purdue Football Recruiting: So, How did they do?

A recap of Purdue recruit performances from last Friday night.

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Hey guys, sorry I'm a little late with this. My three-legged foster dog ate my laptop cord. As an aside, my three-legged foster dog is also disgusted with Purdue's performance on Saturday. He identified my computer as the source of the Purdue game, and thoughtfully tried to eliminate the machine that brings me so much pain on Saturday mornings. So anyway, on to more a more uplifting subject matters.

Note: I was pretty bummed out when I wrote this article and may have gone a little negative. As it is now Wednesday, I will not dwell in the past and have struck out the negative comments.

Disclaimer: If you are a recruit and are reading this blog post, please note that this is the ranting of a frustrated English major and in no way should be a reflection on the Purdue football program or your decision to attend Purdue. You will have the opportunity to play early and play often and lead Purdue back from the wilderness of college football. TheLegendofShawnMcCarthy has got your back.

Marcus Bailey (OLB): Bailey's Hilliard Davidson team defeated Hilliard Darby 10-7 on Friday.  Hilliard Davidson has yet to upload their stats, but I do know that Bailey scored Davidson's only touchdown and held Darby to 7 points. I'm just going to assume that Bailey didn't get abused every time he attempted to tackle the running back, which would be a significant upgrade. Baily is one of the leaders of Davidson's stout defense, and could be a contender for early playing time if he can add some good weight.

Tyshawn Brown (WR): Brown's Mays team laid a 34-0 Central Michiganesque beating beat M.L. King like they were Michigan Friday night. It's been a slow start this year for Brown. Through 3 games he has 1 reception for -2 yards and 2 returns for 55 total yards. He has only played in one out of 3 games for Mays (I'm hoping he's injured...wait that came off wrong).

Andy Chelf (DB): Chelf's Southlake Carrol team defeated Union (OK) 42-41 in overtime on Friday. Southlake pulled out the old, direct snap to the tailback, flanker reverse, pass to the Q.B. who appeared to just walk down the line after the direct snap, 2 point conversion play to win the game. Carrol has uploaded their stats from last weeks Southlake vs Westlake game, and Chelf checked in with 9 solo and 2 assisted tackles for a total of 11 (that's still how math works right?). He also threw in a pass defensed and was not ejected for targeting, so that's a plus. I expect Chelf to move up in the rankings this season, and predict that he will end up as a solid three star player.

Here's a link to the trick play:

Wyatt Cook (ILB): Cook and McDonogh fell to St. Joseph Regional 31-18 in a non-conference tilt on Friday night. I haven't been successful in digging up the McDonogh stats, but Wyatt Cook is still 6'3 225 pounds as either a 17 or 18 year old, so that's still pretty good. McDonogh is still ranked #1 in the state of Maryland according to Max Preps, which is about 4 positions ahead of where Purdue would be ranked if they played high school football in Maryland.

Sawyer Dawson (OLB): Dawson's plant team defeated Wharton 20-7 on Friday night. Dawson contributed 3 solo and 3 assisted tackles on the night. Wharton did not manage a first down in the second half and was held to just 26 total yards for the half. Dawson was not turned into a human traffic cone by Wharton's offense, which again, has to be considered a positive and a reason for future hope. Dawson is another player who needs to mature physically to compete early in the Big 10, but will probably get a look early on because of the need for linebackers.

Rob Ennis (RB): Ennis and his Millville Thunder Bolts fell tantalizingly short against Clearview, 33-34. I have searched the interweb for the box score, but much like Purdue on Saturday, I came up empty. I did find a bunch of soccer and softball scores for Millville, but I guess that probably doesn't interest anyone. I'll report back next week after some more digging. I'm going to assume the Millville's Mr. Everything had a good bit to do with the 33 points on the board.

Tario Fuller (RB): Fuller's Lanier team defeated Clarke Central 35 - 20 on Friday night. Fuller must have heard about my disparaging comments after his first underwhelming game of the year, and came through with 110 yards on 19 carries and 2 TD's. Good work Mr. Fuller, but uhm, I think you should have put up 150 yards, so, the ball is in your court sir, time to prove me wrong again in the next game.

Markell Jones (RB): Jones and his Columbus East team did what Jones and his Columbus East does, namely they delivered a severe beating to Seymore, 61-6. Jones went all Thomas Rawles on Seymore, went all Brandon Jones on Seymore, racking up 237 yards on 11 (that's not a typo) carries, and four touchdowns. Granted, his competition has been complete garbage this year, but through 3 games Jones has an insane 833 yards rushing and 10 TD's. Jones is a beacon of hope for the foundering Purdue program.

Ben Makowski (LS/Super Hero): Penn High school smoked Elkhart Central 57-21 last Friday. I didn't watch the game, but I'm going to go ahead and say that Makowski's long snapping was the difference maker in this game. Makowski's snapping is like The Northern Lights. It is a true and marvelous wonder of nature, and is something everyone should see at least once before they die. Please Ben, save us, save us from this football hellscape. Here is a video of Makowski (#63) snapping the ball. It's not supposed to be his highlight film, but his snapping is the star of the show IMO.

Matt McCann (OT): McCann's Bishop Chatard team pulled out another solid win, defeating Roncalli 20 to 7. Offensive linemen don't make the stat sheet, but needless to say, Chatard's offensive line is sick nasty, and McCann is a big dude with nice feet. If you don't believe me, you can check out the game from last week. McCann is number 79 and he straight buries a few kids. I mean he really treats the Roncalli defenders like Purdue defensive linemen on some plays. (You have to sit through a good number of commercials to watch the game, but Mark Herman does color, so it's kind of interesting).

Joe "The Show" Schopper (P): Joe's Cathedral team is 0-2. They aren't very good but Joe, much like Thomas Meadows, has ample opportunity to shine. Joe pierced a storm cloud with a punt in warm ups and the Cathedral vs St. Joe game was cancelled because of inclement weather.

Elijah Sindelar (QB): Sindelar and his Caldwell County team continue to put up video game numbers, defeating Ohio County 72-27. Caldwell County put up 44 points in the fist quarter. Notre Dame feels like this is a solid goal for next Saturday and Purdue feels like scoring 44 points over the next 40 quarters may be doable. Unfortunately, Caldwell County guards their stats like they are a national secret. I can confirm the Caldwell County threw 5 TD passes in the first quarter and had 6 for the game. I'm going to assume all of those belonged to Sindelar. Does anyone here actually remember what a TD pass to a WR looks like? It feels like it's been so long. Sindelar has a good chance at breaking Tim Couch's all time passing TD record in Kentucky. I'm deathly afraid that as soon as he gets onto campus he will forget how to throw the 8 yard out route. Here are some highlights from the game.

Peyton Truitt (OL): Truitt's West Lafayette team cruised to victory over Delphi Community on Friday 52-0. It is rumored that Delphi has a used copy of John Shoop's Chicago Bears play book that they base their offense around. Again, Truitt didn't make the box score, because crushing kids isn't actually a stat. I can also confirm that there is no truth to the rumor that West Lafayette high school was cancelled on Monday because of the foul odor still emanating from Ross Ade stadium.

Ike Warren (DB): Ike's John Tyler team defeated Longview 41-25 last Friday night. It is rumored that Purdue has offered to trade their defense for Tyler's defense and either Appleby or Etling, and that John Tyler laughed and hung up the phone. Warren recorded 3 solo tackles and 5 assisted tackles in the game. He also added a fumble recovery and 59 yard return to his tally. Warren could fix some problems in the Purdue secondary sooner rather than later, but may become increasingly hard to hold onto as the season continues. Ike, if you're reading this, this is a grown man begging you to come to Purdue. You can start from day one. Please, Please, Please, don't decommit.

Richard Worship (RB/Bulldozer): Worship's Valley Forge team took a musket ball to the face, losing to Revere 14-28 in a battle of Revolutionary War schools. I can't find Worship's complete stat line, but I can confirm that he had two rushing touchdowns, including a 67-yard touchdown run, so I'm going to guess he broke 100 yards. Worship is huge and is almost impossible to stop in short yardage situation, which means Purdue will leave him on the bench and run the ol' 12 men on the field hurry up play to gain a yard next year, because well, because Purdue is going to Purdue, which should be an asset next year.

Basketball Recruit Playing Football:

Grant Weatherford: Grant Weatherford resumed his role as the human Swiss Army night last Friday in Hamilton Heights 22-8 victory over Maconaquah. Weatherford was 4-10 for 61 yards and a TD. He also gained 76 yards on 12 carries and recorded a TD. He had one kick off return for 20 yards. He also recorded 5 solo and 1 assisted tackle and caused a fumble. To polish off his stat line he intercepted a pass and returned it 72 yards and had 1 pass defensed. While his football stats are impressive, I hope he can run the point because Matt Painter keeps striking out on highly rated point guards and Weatherford. I'm hoping that his basketball stats pick up a little this year.