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The Top 25 Things to do at Purdue Before you Graduate

Throughout the last couple of weeks, you have given us idea and helped us narrow the choices into the Top 25.

Juan Crespo - Oct. 2011

Thank you to everyone who has helped us form this poll over the last couple of weeks. There are similar Top 25 lists out there, but I think this one is unique because all of you put it together. Perhaps we can revisit the list in the near future and see if anything should be added/removed. Please note that the list is not presented in a particular order, unlike the Honorable Mention listed below.

But enough of the introduction, let's get straight to the list!

The Top 25 (+1) Things to do at Purdue Before you Graduate:
  1. Learn the words to Hail Purdue
    -You should know the refrain by heart, not just "Boiler Up!" Learn the verses too, especially the 2nd one before you graduate.
  2. Go for a fountain run after a long day of work.
    -Some people even chose to run between the fountains
  3. Visit Triple XXX
    -Enjoy one of their many specials named after Purdue legends, like Drew Brees, David Boudia, and Duane Purvis
  4. Use the Co-rec
    -Whether it's the rock climbing wall, wallyball, or various workout equipment, you need to use the newly renovated co-rec at least once.
  5. Ride on the Boilermaker Special
    -It is, after all, the largest and fastest collegiate mascot.
  6. Take a picture with the Neil Armstrong statue.
    -That's one small step for man, one giant selfie for mankind.
  7. Attend a concert or performance at Elliott Hall of Music
    -Lady Gaga, Jim Gaffigan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson have graced Elliott's stage. Make sure to also check out the annual Christmas Show performed in Elliott as well.
  8. Watch the All-American Marching Band perform on game day
    -The band is considered one of the best bands in the land, with memorable half-time showsa pregame performance to fire you up, and even marching in New York on Thanksgiving.
  9. Explore some of the tunnels that are still open to the public
    -Though many have been closed, there are still a few located around the Union and underneath Northwestern Avenue that you can explore.
  10. Study the model of Purdue's campus in the Union.
    -Find your residential hall, your classroom, and maybe even your off-campus apartment. It's possible to study the model and simply lose track of time.
  11. Visit John Purdue's grave on Memorial Mall
    -Pay your respects to the great founder of our great university
  12. Visit Bruno's Pizza
    -Check out one of the largest collections of Purdue memorabilia and some of the best pizza in town.
  13. Storm the field at Ross-Ade after a big upset
    -It helps if the team can get a big win, but when it does happen, make sure to turn Ross-Ade into Purdue Harbor.
  14. Travel for a Purdue road game
    -Many Big Ten schools are within a 5 hour driving radius from Purdue, so why not hit the road with some of your friends, or even the Paint Crew and Block Party, and cheer on your Boilers in enemy territory.
  15. Attend a Purdue vs Indiana rivalry game
    -Every battle between these two state schools is fierce, and there usually is a trophy on the line. Your high school friends suddenly become your worse enemies.
  16. Admire the Purdue Christmas Tree in the Union
    -Words can't even describe the beauty of the tree every year.
  17. Attend both a men's and women's game in Mackey
    -Mackey Arena is one of the toughest and loudest venues in the country. Show your support for Painter's and Versyp's squads as they take on some of the best teams in the country.
  18. Meet and greet Purdue Pete
    -He is, after all, the Overlord of the Big Ten.
  19. Go sledding on Slayter Hill
    -Bring a sled or tube from home, or even find an old tray from the dining court.
  20. Hit the Big Bass Drum
    -With a few opportunities at private events and senior send off, be one of the lucky ones to mark your Purdue career with a big bang.
  21. Go to a free concert on Slayter Hill
    -With bands performing here every year, enjoy some live music outdoors with the Purdue campus in the background.
  22. Participate in one of the many events during Grand Prix Week
    -Whether it's a party, an alternative event, or even Breakfast Club, make sure to make the most out of this week. Just remember, don't drink and derive: alcohol and calculus do not mix.
  23. Attend the Grand Prix race
    -There's a reason why it's considered the Greatest Spectacle in College Racing
  24. Visit Harry's Chocolate Shop
    -Spoiler alert: It's not really a Chocolate Shop, but an old bar with a lot of charm and a favorite among most Purdue students and alums. Go Ugly Early and Drink Em Cute.
  25. Dress up and attend Breakfast Club
    -Who says you can only dress up for Halloween? Here, you dress up on Saturday mornings from August to November and then again in April.
  26. Graduate with a degree from Purdue University and walk the stage at Elliott.
    -The best way to top off the 25 items above is by receiving the Purdue degree you worked hard to achieve. You've earned it, and now it's time to put that degree to use and make a difference in the world.
Honorable Mention (based on popularity in decreasing order)
  • Camp out with the Paint Crew before a big basketball game
  • Walk along the Moon Steps in front of Armstrong Hall
  • Show your pride and buy some Purdue gear
  • Take a class in University Hall, the oldest building on campus
  • Walk across the bridge and see what Lafayette has to offer
  • Go to the Cactus and sing along with Bruce, the Piano Man
  • Find a place on campus, or even the Union, to take a nap between classes
  • Visit Von's Bookstore
  • Attend BGR (Boiler Gold Rush)
  • Walk to a 7:30am class in the winter (as one reader pointed out, it turns boys in men)
  • Go bowling at the Union
  • Have some cheesesticks from Mad Mush
  • Make your own Den Pop, even make it into a Fun Pop later
  • Pull an all-nighter in the underground library and lounge
  • Rock the Box with the Block Party at a volleyball game
  • Drink from the Lion's Fountain
  • Try not to fall on ice on the sidewalks after they've been cleaned polished
  • Avoid the wind tunnel underneath the Math Building, especially in the winter
  • Go to a callout just for the free pizza
  • Go up to the Ross-Ade Pavilion
  • Play a round of golf on the Purdue courses
  • Attend Springfest and the Bug Bowl
  • Go to a performance in Loeb Playhouse
  • Visit 9 Irish Brothers
  • Attend a less popular/non-revenue sporting event