Basketball update from Painter

G&B has two video interviews with Painter (total about 15 mins) that really says a lot! I'd say go check it yourself, but if you don't have time, here's the summary and my take:

1. Painter is still very pissed at Ronnie. He didn't mention any names, but the way he described things just seems to be targeting Ronnie. For example, he said for the last couple years we didn't have players talented or mature enough, or players who could feed the post, otherwise Hammons could have been to the NBA by now. He also said PJ is the only PG with an outside shot since LewJack. For the PG posn, the most important quality is to make teammates better, and that he must want to see Purdue win. Last but not least, when talking about Bryson, he pointed out his weakness (just put his head down and bull to the basket), but he reasoned that was how Scott played in HS and he didn't have a better role model to follow [in college]. It just sounds like EVERY bad thing in the last two years can be traced back to Ronnie!

2. He called Dakota Mathias the "best passer we've had in 10 years. Without question" Shocked, the interviewer even asked, "Including PGs?" He said "Yes. It's not close." Apparently he is REALLY high on him.

3. It sounds like he is inclined to let Mathias or Vince run the offense while not necessarily playing the PG posn. He keeps saying how good they are as a passer. For those who suggested RayD will play some point and bring the ball up, there is zero mention and I really don't see it happening.

4. He seems really high on Haas' size, and the fact that he was able to score over Hammons in whatever limited time he saw them playing.

5. This may be just my own interpretation, but he didn't sound too impressed with Hammons' summer work. He gave the vague "there hasn't been adversity so it is tough to say" before picking being at 258 lbs as the thing to compliment Hammons. That and the obligatory coach's pre-season praise about how talented Hammons is (and if we had better players he could have been in the NBA). But with Bryson and Taylor, he sounds more positive and mentioned that they put in the effort and lived in the gym. (Oh BTW, he feels Taylor is 6'10 now)

6. All signs point to us playing some zone. Painter doesn't admit it outright, but it really sounds like that's the direction we are going. As Painter says, so many new comers so anything he teaches them will be new anyway. Why not? It seems to fit the personnel we have.

7. It didn't sound like Painter was around much for the summer due to other responsibilities like speaking engagement. That is kinda disappointing for me to hear, but then what do I know what a B1G BB coach should spend his time?Maybe he was spending a lot of time recruiting and following-up with the kids? I am not trying to criticize Painter, but I do hope the assistant coaches really got to spend time (whatever permissible by NCAA) with the players and help them grow. Champions are made during the off-season.

REALLY F***ING excited about basketball, and football season hasn't even started!!!! But gosh, Painter seems a bit tired and it's weird to think that I am more excited than him.

Disclaimer: The above is the IMPRESSION I get from listening to Painter's interview. I am sure I didn't get every exact wording he uses, and might have misinterpreted him due to my own bias.

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