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Purdue Depth Chart For Western Michigan Released

There are some surprises on the first depth chart of the season.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue released its opening depth chart for Saturday's game vs. Western Michigan, and here it is:


QB: 1. Danny Etling 2. Austin Appleby

RB: 1. Raheem Mostert 2. Akeem Hunt

FB: 1. Brandon Cottom 2. David Yancey

WR: 1. DeAngelo Yancey 2. Gregory Phillips

WR: 1. Danny Anthrop 2. B.J. Knauf

TE: 1. Gabe Holmes 2. Justin Sinz

LT: 1. Cameron Cermin 2. Jack DeBoef

LG: 1. Jason King 2. Jason Tretter

C: 1. Robert Kugler 2. Kirk Barron

RG: 1. Jordan Roos 2. Corey Clements

RT: 1. J.J. Prince 2. Joey Warburg


DT: 1. Jake Replogle 2. Michael Rouse III

NT: 1. Ra'Zahn Howard 2. Ryan Watson

DE: 1. Ryan Russell 2. Evan Panfil

RE: 1. Jalani Phillips 2. Danny Ezechukwu OR Gelen Robinson

WLB: 1. Ja'Whaun Bentley 2. Joe Gilliam

MLB: 1. Sean Robinson 2. Collin Link

SLB: 1. Jimmy Herman 2. Andy James Garcia

LCB: 1. Anthony Brown 2. Leroy Clark

SS: 1. Frankie Williams 2. Robert Gregory

FS 1. Austin Logan OR Landon Feichter

RCB: 1. Antoine Lewis 2. Da'Wan Hunte


Punter: 1. Thomas Meadows 2. parker Flynn

Kicker: 1. Paul Griggs OR Ian MacDougall

Kickoffs: 1. Ian MacDougall 2. Parker Flynn

Holder: 1. Thomas Meadows 2. Austin Appleby

KR: 1. Akeem Hunt 2. Raheem Mostert

PR: 1. Frankie Williams 2. B.J. Knauf

Some thoughts:

  • Ja'Whaun Bentley officially beats out 5th-year senior Joe Gilliam as a true freshman. We knew Bentley had some promise, but Gilliam has started the last two seasons and is the most experienced LB on the roster.
  • Gelen Robinson is on the OR spot as the second rush end behind Jalani Phillips. I think we definitely see him for a few snaps on Saturday.
  • The placekicking duties have not been decided and it looks like we may have to wait and see who comes out for the first attempt.
  • Parker Flynn, a transfer from Arizona State, is in the running to be the kickoff specialist.
  • Surprisingly, Purdue listed a fullback instead of a third WR. Cameron Posey is very likely the third WR in those sets.
  • Danny Hope's dream offensive line is here. We're starting four redshirt sophomores with Kugler and they were all recruited by Hope to be a solid unit. I hope it works.
  • Taylor Richards(safety, two games) and David Hedelin (left tackle, three games) are projected starters that are suspended.
  • Only three offensive starters (Cottom, Holmes, and Mostert) and four defensive starters (Russell, Phillips, Lewis, and Robinson) are seniors. This is a ridiculously young team, so be excited if there is a sudden turnaround.