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7 Days To Purdue Football: DeAngelo Yancey and Robert Gregory

Purdue's top receiver in terms of yardage is in line for a solid 2014.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Today we have a receiver that is prone to big plays and can stretch the field, plus a safety that can evolve into a big hitter? Yes please!

DeAngelo Yancey - So.

Atlanta, GA (Mays HS)

6'2", 218 pounds

Wide Receiver

2014: Starter at wide receiver

Last season was a great season for Yancey as a true freshman. He played in 11 games and led the team in receiving yardage with 546 yards on 32 receptions. He also added two touchdowns. If there was a big play threat, he was it. In three games (Northern Illinois, Nebraska, and Indiana) he topped 100 yards receiving, though Purdue was down by 20 or more in all of those.

Yancey should be the big play threat yet again in 2014. He has the size and speed to stretch the field and be a matchup problem for smaller corners. A 500-700 yard season with 30-50 receptions are definitely in the realm of possibility.

Robert Gregory - So.

Chicago, IL (Simeon HS)

6'1", 216 pounds


2014 Projection: contributor at safety

First he was a quarterback, then he was a running back. Now Robert Gregory is at safety after making it into eight games last season on special teams. Gregory had an impressive spring and earned a reputation as a big hitter. Purdue has lacked that menacing safety that makes the middle of the field dangerous since Bernard Pollard left.

In high School Gregory was an impressive quarterback. He led Simeon to the Chicago Public league championship and was a highly rated dual-threat QB. He had 1,500 yard passing and 900 yards rushing as a senior, so if he ever does get the ball on an interception he clearly knows what to do with it.

I think he could be a breakout player on the defense if given a chance.