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2014 Purdue Football Preview: The Worst Case Scenario

Yes, it can get worse.

This should make you as angry as it makes me.
This should make you as angry as it makes me.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the best case scenario. Today we will have the WORST case scenario.

And yes, it can get worse.

When you go 1-11 (and I hope that is the last time I have to say that) you are not far from the absolute bottom. Even in last year we still won a game and had a few small positives. 2014 can be worse if the offensive line continues to struggle, the defense is still paper thin against the run, and the playmakers that we have cannot get the ball.

This is NOT a prediction of how the season is going to go. This is merely how it could go if Purdue has everything go against them.

August 30 vs. Western Michigan - Purdue starts the season with a thud as Raheem Mostert tears his ACL returning the opening kickoff. It gets worse as Akeem Hunt and the running game can't get anything going against what was one of the worst run defenses in America in 2013. Cory Davis catches the winning touchdown pass with 17 seconds left as Western springs an upset. Western Michigan 21, Purdue 17

September 6 vs. Central Michigan - Titus Young is one of the best returning receivers in the nation. Naturally, our defense leaves him completely unguarded for 17 catches, 254 yards, and four touchdowns as an experienced Central Michigan squad wins. Central Michigan 31, Purdue 21

September 13 vs. Notre Dame at Lucas Oil Stadium - Danny Etling is sacked five times in the first half due to a porous offensive line and Austin Appleby comes in. He fares no better. The Fighting Irish run past us like the end zone contains the answers to their next exam. Notre Dame 48, Purdue 10

September 20 vs. Southern Illinois - FCS teams are meant to be blown out. That doesn't happen, as the Salukis bring in a number of backs with Big Ten level experience. They grind Purdue and hold on to the ball for 40 minutes thanks to clock-killing drives. The 9-0 streak against the FCS ends as Purdue falls in embarrassing fashion. Southern Illinois 17, Purdue 14

September 27 vs. Iowa - Etling returns from a concussion sustained in the Notre Dame game only to get sacked five more times and knocked out yet again. David Hedelin gets suspended again because he once bought a copy of Madden '14 in his native Swedish, thus against the NCAA bylaws. Iowa 45, Purdue 14

October 4 at Illinois - Illinois has one of its bizarre upswings and comes out of nowhere to win the West Division. It starts with a trouncing of Purdue to keep the Cannon. Illinois 41, Purdue 21

October 11 vs. Michigan State - Pain. Michigan State 56, Purdue 0

October 18 at Minnesota - David Blough has his redshirt pulled and gets the start. It works for a half and Purdue holds a lead at the Bank into the third quarter, but he tears his ACL and the Golden Gophers pull out a win on a dominant second half. Minnesota 31, Purdue 21

November 1 at Nebraska - The Cornhuskers build enough of a lead that Jack Hoffman could play with ease. Nebraska 56, Purdue 3

November 8 vs. Wisconsin - Wisconsin wins without attempting a single pass, rushing for 697 yards. Wisconsin 70, Purdue 7

November 22 vs. Northwestern - Austin Appleby becomes the third QB to go down with an injury, as he gets PTSD after his 35th sack of the year. Northwestern 41, Purdue 10

November 29 at Indiana - Indiana completes an undefeated season by scoring 60 points in every game with a perfect storm of an offense. Up is down, black is white. IU fans are still upset that DeVaris Daniels was suspended for their football team. Indiana 63, Purdue 10