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E'Twaun Moore Likely To Sign With Chicago

Smooge may be coming home to Chicago.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After growing up in East Chicago, E`Twaun Moore can now say he is probably coming home. The former standout just across the state line is expected to sign a contract with the Chicago Bulls according to reports:

But now comes a report he is instead about to ink a deal with the Chicago Bulls, reports Mary Stevens out of Sports Talk Florida — the Web site of NBC Sports Radio affiliate Sports Talk 1080 in Orlando.

The report goes on to say that Smooge could be a very good fit for the Bulls. He is a wing player that can take advantage of Derrick Rose's passing ability as well as Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol from the post. There is no word on the length of the deal, but at least it keeps him in the League for another year and in a valuable role on a contending team as opposed to in Orlando.