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South End Zone Patio Area Announced At Ross-Ade

Purdue officially announces what will be in the South End Zone in 2014.

Purdue Athletics

Just a few minutes ago I received an e-mail sent out to all season ticket holders that announced the plans for the South End Zone seating area for 2014. As you know, the bleachers are gone, and that means something new and different. There is still an unknown long-term plan for the large open space, but for now, it is going to be a tented area with the following amenities:

  • It will be open to all season ticket holders, as a special Access Pass will come with all tickets for admission.
  • There will be two pergola areas in addition to a large tent.
  • There will be multiple seating and standing options, but it sounds like it will be a lot of general milling about.
  • Beer and wine can be purchased in the area, but cannot be taken to other parts of the stadium.
  • The tent area will have six TVs for other games going on at the same time.
  • The Boilermaker Special will now be parked there on Game Days and will be available for pictures.

This all sounds like a great idea and I am on board. Now if we can just get a winning team installed again.

UPDATE 7/8/2014 11:45am

Here are pictures that Purdue released of how this will most likely look: