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Purdue Football Recruiting: Ike Warren?

Tyler Texas DB is interested in Purdue, but other teams are starting to show interest in Warren.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Texas CB/S Ike Warren received his first Division 1 (I know it's not D-1 anymore, but I don't have the time to keep up with what it's called these days) from Purdue on July 28th, and it was thought that his commitment was imminent. The 6'0, 190 Warren, formally a Sam Houston St. commit, burst onto the recruiting scene recently with an excellent showing at Texas's Hook Em' camp. The athletic Warren plays both basketball (PG/SG) and football (CB) for John Tyler High School. Warren is the type of "under the radar" that Purdue should be targeting. He has the physical tools to compete in the Big 10 and just needs some technique work. You can coach technique, but you can't coach size, speed, and athleticism, and Warren has all three. Unfortunately, Warren was thought to be a lock after picking up a Purdue offer, but Arizona State offered Warren later on the 28th, potentially slowing things down in terms of a commitment. Things could get even more interesting (and probably impossible) if Texas throws their hat into the ring, either now, or later down the road. Warren would be a solid pick up for Purdue, but it looks like the competition is heating up. I'm not as optimistic as some on securing Warren's long term commitment, but when and if he does commit, I will be back with a full write up.