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2014 Big Ten Media Days

The media is in Chicago this Monday and Tuesday to kick off the 2014 football season.


Today is the first of two Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. I am not in attendance this year (cost and babysitting is an issue there), but the good news is that everything will be carried live by Big Ten Network. Everything gets going live at 10:30 am ET on Monday and runs until 4 pm ET. On Tuesday things get going at 1 pm again.

Having attended this in the past, there honestly is not a lot to it. Often the players might say something, but the coaches are rather dry (especially now that Paterno is dead). The best stuff often comes at the second day roundtable interviews with the players. At the one I attended, Carson Wiggs, Albert Evans, and Joe Holland had a lot of good stuff as did Danny Hope when I got to talk to all four of them.

What we can expect tomorrow from coach Hazell is him facing questions about the rough first year and any possible turn around. Let's be honest: outside of the fans here there is almost zero interest in this team and no expectations.

At least it is a sign the season is almost here.