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Purdue Football Drops Prices On Single Game Tickets

Purdue is basically begging people to come to Ross-Ade this fall.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it, trying to sell a product for a 1-11 team coming off of its worst season in program history is very difficult. Our friends in Bloomington have been dealing with this for years, but we're not used to be being so bad (at least since 1997). So when single game tickets officially went on sale today I was stunned at the prices.

In an e-mail I just received from Purdue they announced that some tickets in the "Family Zone" are just $5 apiece for Western Michigan, Central Michigan, and Southern Illinois. They are just $10 apiece for the four home conference games against Michigan State, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Iowa.

The other deals are as follows:

Western Michigan - August 30 - Youth tickets are just $5 with the purchase of an adult ticket.

Southern Illinois - September 20 - members of the Boilermaker Kids Club get in free and will get to form a fan tunnel on the field as the team enters.

Michigan State - October 11 - You can buy three tickets for $30 in the top 30 rows of the north end zone.

Wisconsin - November 8 - All active or retired military, police, fire, and hospital staff can get into the Touchdown Zone for $20 apiece. The "Touchdown Zone" is basically most of the north end zone and the sidelines from the 20 yard lines to the end zones.

I fully expect an invasion of Wisconsin and Michigan State fans, but at least they will buy tickets and put butts int he seats. If you're looking to order, follow this link.