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45 Years After One Small Step

45 years ago today Neil Armstrong went for a small stroll.

As Purdue sports fans, we don't have a lot to historically proud of. Basically, we have the most Big Ten basketball championships, the 1967 Rose Bowl, and our ladies winning the 1999 National title in basketball. We do have Neil Armstrong, however, and 45 years ago today he went for a little walk.

Even though I wasn't alive for the moon landings, I still think that one of the greatest achievements in human history was successfully landing a man on the moon. Only 12 men have successfully walked on the moon period, and two of them are Purdue grads.

Of course, it was far from easy. It took nearly a decade of scientific advancement just to get to the moon. That decade (and the subsequent decades) produced tons of scientific advancement, many by Purdue grads throughout NASA. Even though I majored in Communications, I am still proud to be part of the family of alumni that has accomplished so many great things.

Still, we have Neil's small step. He spoke for mankind and took the most famous walk in history. Even almost two years after his passing he is still celebrated as the most famous Boilermaker ever.