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Top 50?! Things to do at Purdue: UPDATES!

An update on where our list stands, and we are going well over the original 25 limit


I was honestly shocked and excited to see everyone's responses in the original post. Earlier today, I started writing down all the suggestions in the comments that had turned green, and we easily reached 30. Given that there were many other good suggestions, Travis and I agreed to extend the list beyond the Top 25. As of right now, the list stands at 41, and we could extend it to 50, or even 69 since the school was founded in 1869 (hehe (Come on, I know I'm not the only one having an immature chuckle)).

I am closing the comments on the original post because it is starting to get a bit crowded over there, and we don't want any good comments and suggestions to get overlooked. Here is the current list as it stands:

1. Sledding on Slayter

2. Clap in the Clapping Circle

3. Go to the Cactus and sing along with Bruce (just don’t pull out your cell phone)

4. Dress up and attend Breakfast Club

5. Visit Harry’s Chocolate Shop

6. Walk along the Moon Steps in front of Armstrong Hall

7. Get a Den Pop, and make it a Fun Pop later

8. Devour Mad Mush Cheesesticks

9. Take a random roommate freshman year

10. Visit John Purdue’s grave on Memorial Mall

11. Eat at Famous Franks after a night out at the bars

12. Go for a Fountain Run

13. Attend the PMO Christmas Show

14. Befriend upperclassmen in HTM and be invited to their Advanced Food Service Management Dinners

15. Attend football, basketball, and volleyball games and be as loud as possible

16. Take a picture with the Neil Armstrong statue

17. Learn the words to Hail Purdue

18. Walking to a 7:30am class in the winter

19. Go to Triple XXX and enjoy one of their many specials

20. Get into the Jedi Council Room on the top floor of Beering

21. Storm the field at Ross-Ade after a big upset

22. Camp out with the Paint Crew before a big basketball game

23. Go to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon

24. Try not to fall on the ice after it has been polished by the Purdue ground’s crew

25. Go to 9 Irish Brothers

26. Walk across the bridge and see all the options Lafayette has to offer

27. Sneak in a blow up doll/penis into a Purdue football game and become the most loved and hated student in the section

28. Visit Von’s Bookstore.

29. Avoid the Hello Walk

30. Get to know an athlete personally, you could have one in your class.

31. Rush a fraternity/sorority

32. Find a place to take a nap between classes, whether it’s one of the many grassy areas on campus or somewhere in the Union.

33. Explore some of the tunnels that are still open to the public

34. Go to a free concert on Slayter Hill

35. Play some Wally-ball at the Co-rec

36. Avoid the wind tunnel underneath the Math Building, but watch umbrellas break from the comfort of the CL50 2nd floor lounge

37. Attend Boiler Gold Rush

38. Go to the Thanksgiving Dinner at the dining courts.

39. Get a job on campus.

40. Have a drink with a professor at one of the local bars

41. Sit in on a class you are not taking.

This is just a basic list, and the final version can include a little explanation for each item. I know we can add more, so we will follow the same format from the original post (Comment and rec; no lists, please). Also, if you think something should be REMOVED from the list, comment below. If your comment gets rec'd enough (so it turns green) we'll remove it.

In addition, two items that turned green are not on the list, "Drive to Illinois on Sunday to get alcohol" and "Finding your favorite place on campus to take a dump." I'm going to leave it up to you guys to decide whether or not these get included in the final list. However, since SB Nation only allows for one poll per article, I went ahead and created one on Google that you can access here. I personally vote No on the drive to Illinois because that's more of a problem for those who live in Indiana in general. But it is your list and you guys get to decide.

So, have we missed anything? Anything that should get removed? Let us know!