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Top 25 Things to do at Purdue: Your Input!

We want to compile a list of things every Purdue student should do before graduation, and we want your input! UPDATE: The list is up to 41. Check out the new discussion here:


In just over a month, the sleepy city of West Lafayette will come alive again when the fall semester begins at Purdue. With that in mind, we want to create a list of what every Purdue student should do before they walk across the stage at Elliott the day of their graduation. This list can also extend to those who are visiting Purdue for game day or just visiting the campus for the day.

There as a couple of these lists located throughout the internet, but some of them are a bit outdated (Triple XXX isn't even open 24 hours anymore). So we want to create a more updated version of the "Top 25 Things to do at Purdue before you Graduate", but with your input.

Most of you are alums, faculty/staff, or students of our great university. Some of you were classmates with Neil Armstrong, and some of you are taking Chem 115 this fall, so all of you have different point of views of Purdue. However, there are sure to be some similarities that we can agree makes a Purdue experience unique (outside of ACL injuries).

So, here is how it will work: In the comments section say something that you think any Purdue student should do before graduating. If you see a suggestion that you like, "rec" it. Make sure to go through the comments before you post your idea, just in case it has already been posted. The 25 suggestions with the highest recs will then be added to our list, which should be published before freshmen move in sometime in August. (We will filter the list a little in case some of our friends in Bloomington and Iowa City get any ideas.)

So, what do YOU think Purdue students should do before graduating?

*Update* Try not to submit lists. It makes the whole "rec" thing a lot more difficult, and most likely your suggestions won't make it. Also, sorry so sorry about the "Tri Chi" thing. Someone told me about it, how it used to be the common name, and now I see why people don't call it that anymore. */update*

UPDATE: We have received so many great responses that we had to move the discussion to another article that has the updated list with all your responses. Comments in this article are closed to avoid confusion and clutter, so please continue discussion in the new article and continue to add your input: