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World Cup Predictor Group Final Results

The Germans beat Argentina after extra time, and our group had a clear winner as well.

Laurence Griffiths

The 2014 World Cup was certainly a wild ride and a great way to distract ourselves from the Lebron James free agency dullness of summer. 32 teams entered the tournament a month ago today, and after 64 matches, the Germans, who has had one of the best built squads throughout the last decade, was finally able to lift the golden trophy in the Maracanã.

With the conclusion of the World Cup, it also brought our bracket predictor group to a Klose as well. When group play finished, the group looked a bit Messi with nearly all the brackets having Spain advancing out of group play and everyone looking over Costa Rica. However, as knockout rounds continued, many of you gained steam, and 6 of you finished by collecting over 90% of the possible points in the tournament. The top 6 were:

1) Madamantis 1, with 98.2% of the points

2) used2bcool with 97.8% of the points

3) nstrawmy14 3 with 96.5% of the points

4) boilerwx with 94.6% of the points

5) boilerbasstres 1 with 93.7% of the points

6) ErnieP with 90.2% of the points

And then there's me, Only Juan Bracket, with 53.9% of the points, because I always make the mistake in picking Brazil (it did help that I picked Argentina to finish in 2nd at least).

Thank you all who participated in the bracket challenge, and to our winner, Madamantis 1, feel free to put this on your resume.