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The Hammer and Rails World Cup Bracket Predictor Group

Because it's the (World) Cup

Julian Finney

The World Cup starts this Thursday. It's the one time every four years that countries not named the United States shut down for an entire month to watch 22 players run around, kick a ball, pretend to fall, and sometimes get the ball into the net. So why not get involved in the excitement as well?

I went ahead and created a bracket predictor group for Hammer and Rails, which is similar to ones that have been done for stuff like March Madness. It's simple, click this link and join our group, and the password is BTFU.

Granted, FIFA is corrupt, as highlighted by this excellent piece by John Oliver, and the USA is pretty much screwed, but it still should be an exciting tournament. I picked Brazil to win the whole thing as I think it's their time to shine given the home crowd, and I had my #2 favorite, Spain, bowing out in the Quarterfinals against Uruguay. Will I be right? Probably not.

Besides, do you really want to keep talking about our last place football and basketball teams for the next month?