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Eron Harris Transfers To Michigan State

The Purdue transfer target is off to the Spartans.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this should not be a surprise by now:

Harris was being pursued by Purdue, but also Michigan and Michigan State. A certain negativity creeped in once those two got involved given the recent recruiting battles with them. Still, Harris allegedly wanted to be closer to home. It is 258 miles from East Lansing to Indianapolis, and 379 miles from Morgantown to Indianapolis, so he is technically right.

This likely ends the chances that Purdue is signing a transfer after several swings and misses. It is fine with me, too. There is not going to be some magical savior that comes riding through the door on a white horse that is going to guarantee a Big Ten title and a Final Four. Like Norman Dale in Hoosiers said, "My team is on the floor." The players that are going to turn this thing around are already with the program. We have five promising coming in and they will join five guys who (I hope) are hungry for something different than the last two seasons. The talent is there. It is time to work and make something of it.