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83 Days to Purdue Football: B.J. Knauf

Purdue has a few offensive players whose blinding speed can be a major asset.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Today was a busy day, as I took my son to Wrigley for the first time. I can still get to today's player, however, and he is one that can make a difference with his raw speed.

B.J. Knauf - So. (RS)

Winter Haven, Florida (Santa Fe Catholic, HS)

Wide Receiver

5'10", 180 pounds

2014 Projection: Contributor at wide receiver

Knauf had a very up and down 2013 season. He missed the last two games due to injury and missed two more due to his ill-advised trip to Kohl's that resulted in a shoplifting arrest. When he was on the field in the other eight games he was an effect player moving the football.

Knauf was a rarity in that he had a love, honest rushing touchdown. Purdue only had six rushing scores all season long, but Knauf carried the ball 14 times for 92 yards and a touchdown. That makes him Purdue's No. 3 returning rusher. He'll primarily be a receiver, however, where he had 14 catches for 136 yards and another score.

Knauf reminds me a lot of the famous Vinny Sutherland, in that he is a smaller receiver, but he is ridiculously fast. That speed can be used in a variety of ways and I can see him as a player that opens up the offense.