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Put Your Face On A Purdue Helmet (This Will Not End Well)

It took less than an hour for Purdue to be mocked by the internet for its latest idea.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, the announcement today that students who have a VIP card will be able to put their face on a Purdue helmet as part of the P decal. While this is a unique idea from an athletic department that often lacks them, it likely will not end well:

That is one of the more tame suggestions, and as expected with all things that get out on the internet, Purdue is getting mocked for this one. I just hope that the athletic department actually has someone looking at the pictures submitted to police the opportunity of putting other images on there. Although my favorite is definitely Purdueception.

So if you're a student, buy one of the VIP cards. At least it will get you basketball tick...

Oh, crap.

At least it is better than the  "Purdue is the one!" song.