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Robbie Hummel & E'Twaun Moore Released From Contracts

All three Baby Boilers are now NBA Free Agents.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a rough day for former Purdue basketball players on the eve of NBA free agency. Both E'Twaun Moore and Robbie Hummel were released from their contracts by the Timberwolves and Magic, respectively, making them possible high value/low cost targets for any team to pick them up.

Moore has spent the last two years in Orlando as a solid reserve and part-time starter (24 starts) where he averaged 7.8 and 6.3 points per game, respectively, in each of the past two years. As a Second Round pick he never had a guaranteed contract, but in his first year in Boston he was picked up mostly as a roster filler since the Celtics could pay him the rock bottom league minimum when they had tons of other contracts on their cap figure. Smooge is shooting 35% from three in his career. For a team up against the cap he could be an attractive option as a bench contributor since he is still making the league minimum for a player of his experience.

Robbie is in a similar position as the Timberwolves let him go mostly because of guaranteed contracts already on the books. Hummel averaged 3.4 ppg and 2.5 rpg in 12.4 mpg. in 53 games with five starts and generally outplayed 2013 first round pick, former No.1 overall HS recruit (and laughably over-rated) Shabazz Muhammed. But, Muhammed has a guaranteed contract and Hummel doesn't, so he gets to stay.

Could both guys be a fit for the hometown Pacers? Indiana does need to restructure the bench a bit and is up against the salary cap, so a couple of hard-working, low dollar guys would be a nice addition. I certainly would not mind if Larry Bird brought them home.