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2015 Purdue Football Recruiting: Richard Worship Commits

Purdue adds one of the top fullbacks in the nation to the 2015 recruiting class.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

As Drew and Andrew have mentioned, the 2015 recruiting class was going to be running back heavy, and today's commitment of Richard Worship continues that trend. Most teams have 6-8 running backs on the roster, mostly because it is a position that carries a high risk of injury. By the time these players become freshmen Purdue will have the following:

Keyante Green (So, RS)

Jonathan Curry (Jr.)

Keith Byars II (So., RS)

David Yancey (So., RS)

Kendrick Adams (Sr., Fullback, walk-on)

Dexter Knox (2014 incoming freshman)

Markell Jones (2015 incoming freshman)

Richard Worship (2015 incoming freshman)

Tario Fuller (2015 incoming freshman)

Robert Ennis (2015 incoming freshman, currently listed as "athlete")

So those concerned with depth shouldn't be too worried. This will actually put Purdue in a pretty good position, especially since at least two if not all four 2015 freshmen will likely be destined for redshirt.

Where Worship stands out is that he is more of a fullback. In fact, he is the No. 5 rated fullback in the nation. Rivals lists him as a 3-star commit, while Scout has him as a 3-star and ESPN doe not yet have a profile on him. Officially, Worship was only offered by Bowling Green, Cincinnati, and Toledo, but Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan State, and Michigan were showing interest.

He is a big back at 6'1" and a stunning 245 pounds, so he is probably a lot like current senior Brandon Cottom. He is the type of back where hopefully we can give him the ball and he can punish other defenders for necessary yards. I am reminded of Steve Ennis on the Rose Bowl team. Ennis had only 38 carries for 82 yards that year, but was a goal-line specialist with 8 touchdowns. His junior year statistics at Valley Forge HS near Cleveland were impressive with 1,601 yards and 19 TDs in addition to 10 receptions for 91 yards and a score out of the backfield. His highlights can be found here and he is a back that sheds tacklers and is not afraid of contact. At almost 250 pounds he is also a load to bring down.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Worship!