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How Does Purdue Use The South End Zone Area In 2014

Purdue has a large, vacant area in the stadium for 2014. How does Morgan Burke use it?

As you no doubt know, Purdue is demolishing the South End Zone bleachers. We have been told for some time that a plan is in place, and given the recent JPC survey that went out, it is likely going to be some sort of club area once all is said and done. I am 100000% on board with the idea that Matt Wille presented about a year ago, especially if it means Victorian Era train cars as part of the club area.

We still need to do something with the area for the coming season. Contrary to what Boiled Sports said, there will be a season:

Ross-Ade is being razed to make room for additional parking and tailgating areas for Nancy Cross’ favorite John Purdue Club members.

"Frankly," said Ms. Cross, "If there had been more of you with deep pockets to cover the costs of dwindling attendance due to a directionless program, none of this would have been necessary. However, the new parking areas will allow some of our more devoted alumni to watch other college football games from the comfort of a parking lot with the finest-quality asphalt. Pavementmakers, all!"

There is no way to finish the proposed club area in the next 11 weeks before the opener, so what should the area be used for?