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P.J. Thompson, Ryan Cline Play Final All-Star Exhibition

The Indiana Seniors defeated the juniors once again 124-102.

Andy Lyons

The last tune-up for the Indiana Senior All-Stars was last night at Columbus North High School and both P.J. Thompson and Ryan Cline for Purdue were active. Thompson missed some of the earlier scrimmages due to a foot injury, but did see some limited action after sitting out as a precaution.

Thompson only played seven minutes, which was more than only one other player. Still, he was effective in his brief time by going 2 of 3 from the field and 1 of 2 from three for five points and a rebound. He had no assists, which is frustrating, especially when you consider that Bryant McIntosh, a miss for Purdue that is headed to Northwestern, had seven dimes. Trevon Bluiett was the star in the 124-102 win for the seniors with 44 points, while James Blackmon had 28.

For the juniors several Purdue targets had decent games. The only actually commit so far, Ryan Cline, was 2of 5 from the field but 2 of 4 of those were threes. He finished with six points, three rebounds, and an assist.

Hyron Edwards shot the ball the most of anyone for the juniors and finished with 12 points on 5 of 16 shooting and 2 of 4 from three. He was the leading scorer among Purdue targets.

Davon Dillard had a rough night, going 4 of 14 with eight points, seven rebounds, and an assist. K.J. Walton was the only other active Purdue target and he was1 of 8 for six points and five rebounds.

The juniors are now done, while Thompson and the seniors will play Kentucky's seniors in Lexington on Friday and Indianapolis on Saturday.