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Purdue Football Recruiting: Andy Chelf - Verbal Commit #2

Texas DB, Andy Chelf pulled the trigger on his recent offer from Purdue. This is a quick breakdown of his game.


Purdue landed their second commitment of the 2014-15 recruiting class today when Andy Chelf, a DB out Texas, committed to Coach Hazell and the Boilermakers, after receiving an offer on Monday. Chelf plays for South Lake Carroll, a powerhouse in Texas High School Football.





Ranking: Scout/Rivals/247


Andy Chelf






Chelf is an under the radar guy at the moment. It's not that people haven't seen him play, because playing at South Lake Carroll means that everyone has seen you play, but it's that he has only really played one season of varsity football. However, he was highly productive in that one season, racking up 107 total tackles from his free safety position. It's tough to evaluate players based on their highlight videos, because obviously, you are only seeing the highlights, but this is my quick evaluation.


  • Hitting: His video includes several clips of him lighting up a receiver over the middle and dislodging the ball. He isn't a big kid, but he has good form, and it is obvious that he has been coached up. He isn't a knock out headhunter, but instead, gets low and saw receivers in half with solid hits to the midsection.
  • Tackling: 107 tackles from the safety position is usually a bad sign, except, at South Lake Carroll he is surrounded by other quality players. His 107 tackles aren't a product of playing on a bad team, but a product of Chelf being active around the line of scrimmage and bringing runners down when he has the chance.
  • Instincts/Closing Speed: When the ball is in the air, Chelf breaks hard on the ball. He has solid instincts, and has a knack for showing up just at the right moment to avoid pass interference and still hit the receiver before he puts the ball away.
  • Special Teams: Chelf's video shows him blocking a punt, covering a kick off, and blocking a P.A.T. If he can be a solid special teamer, he could see early playing time for the Boilermakers.


  • Size: He is listed as 6'0 - 185, which usually means he is actually 5'10-180. This makes playing free safety at the Big 10 level a little more challenging. It's going to be hard for him to compete for balls over the top. It's possible that Purdue is recruiting him to play CB, but that doesn't seem to play into his strength as a tackler.
  • Playing the Ball: Chelf seems to play the man instead of the ball, looking for the big hit instead of the INT. This can be seen in his film and from his stats from last season. He had 12 pass break ups and no interceptions (according to his MaxPrep stats). Again, this leaves a little bit of a question in terms of his position at Purdue.

Overall, Chelf is an interesting pick up for Purdue. If he has another solid season he will undoubtedly pick up interest from one of the multitude of Texas schools, and Purdue may have to fight to hold on to him. Right now, Air Force is his only other offer. With that said, he is a Boilermaker commit right now, and that's good enough for me. Welcome Andy Chelf to the Purdue class of 2015, and if you have any friends in Texas that might be interested, please hit them up, we've got plenty of room.

Here is a link to his stats and pics from MaxPreps:

Here is his Hudl Highlight Video: