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Boilermakings Has The Purdue Week Links

Purdue Sports news, notes, and links for May 10.

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One of the many downsides to being 1-11 is that opponents preview early if they are working from worst to first in the Big Ten standings. That is why we have a football-centric Boilermakings as It has been Purdue week at Maize N' Brew and Off Tackle Empire this week.

B1G 2014 // Purdue's Smartest Guy in the Room - Off Tackle Empire
Is Darrell Hazell doomed by his 1-11 first season? Let's compare him to other coaches in similar situations and see if we can make an educated guess.

B1G 2014 // Purdue Potluck Part 1: Potato Towers and Depression - Off Tackle Empire
It's the return of the potluck! OTE writers get together to answer a couple of questions about expectations for Purdue football and some of their worst sports memories. Join the fun!

B1G 2014 // Purdue Potluck Part 2: Fishing for an Offense - Off Tackle Empire
The exciting conclusion to everyone's favorite food-themed Q and A about Purdue football.

B1G 2014 // Welcome to the B1G Smoking Room: Boilermaker Edition - Off Tackle Empire
Where you can pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and talk all about the Boilermakers. Or, you know, where you can drink when you watch your team beat the Boilermakers.

MnB B1G Preview: The Biggest Storylines Surrounding Purdue football - Maize n Brew
In this installment of the Maize n' Brew Big Ten Preview series, we take a look at Purdue's head coach Darrell Hazell and what the program's biggest storylines are going 2014.

MnB B1G Preview: Three Key Players for Purdue football - Maize n Brew
In continuance of our Big Ten preview, we take a look into the three key players for Purdue football this upcoming season.

MnB B1G Preview: What Will 2014 and a New Batch of Baby Boilers Bring to Purdue Football - Maize n Brew
A quick look at some of Purdue's 2014 recruits as well as a few names to watch this year and beyond.

MnB B1G Preview: Q&A with Hammer and Rails - Maize n Brew
Travis Miller, owner and operator of the Purdue blog "Hammer and Rails" here on SB Nation, took some time to talk about Purdue football and answer our questions.

MnB B1G Preview: The Big Ten Changes Again, Purdue Hopes to Change Too - Maize n Brew
The Boilermakers look to get it together this year after a disastrous first year under Darrell Hazell.