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2014 NFL Draft: Day 1 Open Thread

The Draft starts tonight, but it may be awhile before any Boilers hear their name called.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the most overrated event on the sports calendar as the NFL Draft gets underway. The first round is only tonight, with the remaining six rounds this weekend. It is very unlikely that we will have any Purdue players get called tonight, as none are listed in SB Nation's list of top 200 players.

In reality, I only see two guys having a realistic chance at getting drafted: Ricardo Allen and Bruce Gaston. That does not mean we can't enjoy the draft, however. SB Nation has some great resources for your viewing pleasure:

Player rankings by position

Video: Prospect breakdowns

Scouting reports from MTD

Stephen White's Notebook (top player breakdowns)

College blog scouting reports

SB Nation NFL bloggers mock draft

There is also a Live Draft Tracker this year as well as the SB Nation Draft Night Live:

So there you have it. If you want to discuss anything Draft related, it is all right here.