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Ronnie Johnson Will Transfer To Houston

Ronnie Johnson is now united with the enemy.


Well, isn't this an interesting twist:

After napalming the bridges on hi way out of West Lafayette Ronnie Johnson will continue his college basketball career at the University of Houston under new head coach Kelvin Sampson. Sampson is viewed in many eyes as one of the biggest cheaters in NCAA history, but he is responsible for almost destroying the Indiana basketball program, so is he really that bad of a guy?

Seriously though, it is clear Ronnie does not care about winning, as he is off to a school that has been to one NCAA Tournament in the last 22 years and has done nothing significant since the Phi Slamma Jamma days. Some are calling it a perfect fit:

Well, goodbye, Ronnie. I wish you well, and I also bet that Purdue plays in an NCAA Tournament before you do.