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Dalyn Dawkins Transfer Rumors

Astute reader Purdue_ACL_Donor found an interesting tweet that has more rumors flying.


I saw this in the FanPosts today and thought it was worth a mention in a front page post tonight:

Now I know you're wondering who on earth Ti Domhoff is. He is a new walk-on quarterback that joined the team for spring football. That is why I felt researching this post was in order.

Well, it turns out there is some more behind the story. In sending out a tweet looking for more information I was contacted by none other Than Dalyn's father, Ralph Dawkins. Ralph himself was a solid running back who rushed for 2,159 yards and 17 touchdowns while catching 151 passes for 1,667 yards for 12 more touchdowns at Louisville before making it briefly in the NFL with New Orleans. Ralph asked me to call him tonight to clear up the situation.

I did speak to Ralph tonight and while I cannot reveal the nature of our conversation until an official announcement is made, it was a very enlightening talk. There will be more on this story later as soon as I can tell it.