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Purdue DT Dave Butz Elected To College Football Hall of Fame

Purdue adds its 10th member to the college football elite that played the game.

Growing up as a young Purdue fan I did not see a lot of good football. I do remember seeing the name Dave Butz with Purdue listed as his school int he paper leading up to a Super Bowl with the Redskins and asked my dad if he knew him. Sure enough, my dad had a random first aid class with the All-American defensive lineman sometime between 1970 and 1972 at Purdue.

That was the only way a 5'7" pharmacist could cross paths with one of the best football players in the country. That player went on to have a stellar career and on Thursday he was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Butzwas atwo-time high school All-American and at Purdue he was a finalist for the Lombardi Award in 1972. He is one of Purdue's highest draft picks ever, if not the highest, when he went fifth overall in the 1973 NFL Draft. He went on to play 16 years in the NFL from 1973 until 1988. He twice won Super Bowl rings with the Redskins after beginning his career with the St. Louis Cardinals.

At 6'8" and over 300 pounds he was one of the largest men to play the game in the 70's and finished his career as one of the greatest Redskins of all-time.

Butz becomes the 10th Purdue player to be elected to the Hall, joining Elmer Oliphant, Alex Agase, Cecil Isbell, Bob Griese, Bump Elliott, Leroy Keyes, Mark Herrmann, and Otis Armstrong as players. Purdue also has had five coaches inducted.