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Darius Thompson Close To Joining Purdue?

Purdue seems to be inching closer and closer to nabbing the Tennessee transfer.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The first of a couple of transfer dominoes may be falling even later today, as Tennessee point guard Darius Thompson is making a second officials visit to Purdue according to GBI:

That is a pay article, unfortunately, but a second visit in less than a week is probably a good thing. Thompson is still considering a return to Tennessee, and he also visited Virginia late last week. It seems as if the chances of him returning to Tennessee are rather slim at the moment too, so in all likelihood he is choosing between Purdue and Virginia.

As I mentioned last week, Thompson would have three years of eligibility left after he would sit out his mandatory year. he is also more of a true point guard:

"He's never been a guy who averages 25 points a game," Lonnie Thompson said. "I'm from the old school. He's like a Magic Johnson type. He wants to get his team involved, but if he has to score, he can."

If he makes a decision later today I'll try to get on it.