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Trifecta Avoided! Purdue Baseball Just Misses History

Purdue avoids the basement in all three Big Ten premier men's sports by a thin margin.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013-14 athletic year is almost complete, but for the three marquee men's sports (and the growth of college baseball plus the way Purdue has pushed it means it is the No. 3 men's sport) could not have gone much worse. Purdue has been a charter member of the Big Ten since it was founded in 1896 (and even created by our own President at the time). It has never had a worse year than this year:

Overall Record Big Ten Record Place
Football 1-11 0-8 Last place
Basketball 15-17 5-13 Last place
Baseball 13-37 6-18 10th of 11

Purdue beat Iowa today 6-4 in the first game of a doubleheader for its sixth Big Ten win, but aside from beating Butler three times and a nice win over possible NCAA team Indiana State the baseball season was as much of a disaster as football and basketball. The sixth victory made Purdue avoid last place, however, as the Boilers finished a half game ahead of 5-18 Penn State (who still took two of three from Purdue in April) to avoide the trifecta of last place finishes. Penn State only stayed behind Purdue because it lost its last 14 Big Ten games in a row after a 5-4 start.

So enjoy you 11-39 Big Ten record and 29-65 overall record since football started in September. At least we OWN the mighty Trees of Indiana State. for the record also, Purdue lost all 8 Big Ten football games, its last seven Big Ten basketball games, and 10 of its last 11 Big Ten baseball games. That's a stellar 1-25 stretch!

It is probably too bad, because another last place finish might have given Morgan Burke another raise and promotion.